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What are you Grateful for?

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Gratitude ~What is the true meaning of gratitude?

Gratitude is one of many positive emotions. It's about focusing on what's good in our lives and being thankful for the things we have. Gratitude is pausing to notice and appreciate the things that we often take for granted, like having a place to live, food, clean water, friends, family, even computer access.

Gratitude is the appreciation of what is valuable and meaningful to oneself and represents a general state of thankfulness and/or appreciation.

Gratitude is my chosen Montra for 2023. I have added a new habit to start my morngings with. As I wake for my day, I put on right hand over my heart and then put my left hand on top of my right hand and pause and reflect on all I have to be grateful to.

2022 Was a interesting year with Highs and Lows for me. Some of my highs were the birth of our first great grandchild Odin. The growth of the yoga studio Center for Health and Healing, into more of a overall wellness center. The survial of my husband over Liver Cancer. The smiles of our students after their yoga class.

I always say if you look for the good you will find it.

Practicing an “attitude of gratitude” makes you feel better about the daily stresses and frustrations we all encounter in our daily lives. We cant change what happens to us but we can change how we react to it by using our attitude of gratitude. I chose to see the glass more than half full all the time.

Did you Know Gratitude~

*Helps shield you from negativity

*Makes you at least 25% happier

*It rewires the brain for the positive

*It is Healing

*It improves sleep

*Boosts Self-Esteem & Performance

*Improves your Relationships (including the one you have with yourself)

Graditude also improves your health:

  • Better sleep. Before your go to sleep, spend a few minutes counting your blessings, and you could sleep more soundly and longer.

  • Better physical health. Lower blood pressure, improved immune function and less fatigue are just some of the physical benefits you can get from practicing more graditude.

  • Better mental health. Gratitude promotes a sense of well-being and can help ease depression. It can also improve resiliency. Raising your vibration. Giving you a better mindset.

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