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Teacher Training 

The Center for Health and Healing's Teacher Training Programs are the platinum standard in yoga, personal growth, and leadership education in the state of New Jersey, as well as in numerous cities across the United States. We are a multi-disciplined based school, with an emphasis on creating powerful yoga teachers and leaders in our communities. With our training, you will be able to teach to any population.

The Center for Health and Healing has been leading yoga teacher training programs since 2006. We have been very successful in preparing powerful teachers and leaders who are “ready to teach” immediately following graduation. Our training is very hands-on. Whether you are looking to advance your practice, become a professional yoga teacher or have a personal growth/transformation experience, we have the training for you. Join our growing family of teachers and leaders, a national community that feels like home. Learn to live your most empowered life and lead the way for your students and those around you to do the same.


We endeavor to provide the opportunity for our yoga students to become above average yoga teachers. We have created a well developed program, steeped with self discovery and healing. We strive to nurture and encourage each student to awaken the teacher within. 


Our program exceeds the yoga alliance requirements. We offer a practical, empowering, comprehensive, and rewarding program. We will teach you how to think on your feet and tailor your classes to meet the needs of your students. We will teach you how to read bodies and teach yoga to the whole person. 

We are committed to the personal success of each participant in our program. Throughout this program we work to bring peace into our lives and the lives of others, by being a light for yourself and those around you.

***Please Note ***

To Receive a RYT-500 Certificate from Yoga Alliance you need to have first completed a 200 hour teacher training program from an accredited school, and then a 300 hour teacher training program from an accredited school plus log 100 teaching hours. Then you can apply to upgrade and convert the 2 programs into a RYT-500 certificate through Yoga Alliance.


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What To Expect

Learn from the teacher’s, teacher!

Dawn Keen has taught over 30 teacher training programs.

Learn to teach Vinyasa, Chair, Core, Hip Opening, Gentle, Intermediate, Hot, Multi-Leveled, and Moderate Yoga.

You will be introduced to Restorative Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Mom & Me Yoga, Partner Yoga, and Beach Yoga (when in season). 

Study the Sutras, Gunas, Koshas, and Chakras. As well as Sanskrit, Meditation, and Pranayama. 

Tame your fears of public speaking, along with instructing all age groups and experience levels. 

Expect to work hard, have fun, and make long lasting friendships as you embark on this joyous path of self discovery.  

Student Benefits

Unlimited free yoga classes while you are enrolled in a teaching program, including beach yoga!

$20 off Massage & Bodywork

20% off Yoga Apparel

Safe, supportive learning environment

Want to know what our graduates say about the teacher training program at the Center for Health & Healing?

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