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Updated: Dec 25, 2018

Having just lost my voice again with laryngitis helped to assist me into becoming more insightful. I was able to meditate a bit deeper with no voice so I had less distraction. I was able to set more time aside for my beloved pranayama practice since i was not talking on phone or talking at all for that matter. Having no voice I was also able to tune into my skills of observation all around me and practice the yamas and the niyamas (yoga observations).

Yoga is so much more than a physical practice.

The Yamas are 5 virtures, or restraints, that govern our relationships with others and the world.

Ahimsa = Non Harming ~I couldnt speak or cause harm to myself.

Satya = Truthfulness ~ I being true to myself and my body, by resting as that was what my body was calling for.

Asteya = Non stealing ~Was I ussing my time wisely?

Brahmacharya = Chastity / Moderation ~ Finding balance and making myself rest.

Aparigraha = Non clinging ~ Not neededing every cough remendy, or every type of tea to speed up my recovery time.

The Niyamas are 5 observances of one's own physical appearance, actions, words, and thoughts that govern our relationship with ourselves.

Shauca = Purity ~ Keeping my thoughts pure as i had lots of time with my thoughts.

Santosha = Contentment ~ Being content with the current suitation of not being well, but still being happy in the moment.

Tapas = Discipline ~ Keeping myself focused with my yoga breathing and meditation.

Svadyaya = Self Study ~ I used this time for self study refection and observation.

Isvara pranidhana = Surrender to the greater good ~ Keeping in mind that everything has a reason.

Then getting my voice back slowly and having to choose my words by thinking about my words before I spoke them. As my voice was limited. Then since I only had so much voice to speak it was a great lesson for living my yoga to think about what words I really wanted to say and it made me realize how much we talk without really saying anything of meaning, talking just to talk . So I learned a lot about myself losing my voice with laryngitis and I hope to keep this lesson. We should just choose our words instead of speaking just to talk. And be mindful to choose our words wisely with thought, more feeling and depth to our words. Chosing my words before I spoke helped me with some personal growth.

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