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Get Moving: How Families Can Stay Active Under Lockdown

Updated: May 22, 2020

by Anya Willis

Families nationwide are stuck at home with antsy children and frustrated parents. Until restrictions are loosened enough to return to regular activities, finding a way to keep everyone moving and burning off excess energy is a challenge. With a little creativity, however, you can tap into a variety of activities to guarantee everyone is worn out.

Indoor Home Activities

● Consider a family sweat session with circuit training.

● Introduce your kids to safe strength training.

● Freshen up your home gym or create one.

● Look to online yoga classes so everyone can flow.

● Try other online exercise classes to get everyone moving.

● Install a pullup bar and introduce daily challenges.

Outdoor Home Activities

● Create the ultimate backyard obstacle course

● Set up a backyard volleyball net and break into teams.

● Encourage outdoor activity with a backyard playground.

● Plan a water balloon fight.

Get into the dirt and start a family garden.

It’s easy to find new ways to boost movement. And if you build physical activity into everyone’s daily routine, you set the stage for a healthy habit to take root. Being stuck at home doesn’t mean you all have to be stuck in a rut, so get creative to get moving.

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