Off site Locations

Greenbriar Woodlands

 1 Kensington Cir, Toms River, NJ 08755





Monday at 1030am

All levels class 

Open to the Public  | Drop-ins $8 or $36 for 6 Week Series

Discovery Institute for Addictive Disorders



Tuesday ~ 12pm
Closed to the public

Yoga to Assist in Recovery | Marlboro NJ  

Beach Yoga

L Street Seaside Park, NJ 08752

New Jersey Ave & Ocean


Beach Yoga  

Our official Beach yoga season starts 5/30 Sunday and our schedule for Seaside Park  L Street on the sand will be as follows~

Sunday 8AM

 Monday 6AM

Monday Memorial Day and Labor Day 8am

Tuesday 630PM

Friday 8AM

Saturday 6AM

Saturday 8AM

Full Moon Yoga 730pm
June  24th

July 23rd
August 22nd
September 20th


Start your day with a multi-level yoga class at beach in front of the ocean.  

Enjoy being at the beach, the sun, the sea and wildlife.  

This class varies based on the weather and the participants. Please bring your own mat or a big beach towel.  Bring water to hydrate and wear sunscreen.

Payment ~ check or cash or Venmo @Dawn-Keen-2

* to be paid to the instructor at the beach.   Fee $10

Jakes Branch



1100 Double Trouble Rd
Beachwood, New Jersey 08722

(732) 281-2750


 630 pm

Open to the Public

$65 for 6 Weeks Series.

Take yoga with us in nature on the observation deck - 5 stories up.

Beautiful views all the way around.  Must call to sign up at Jakes Branch .

Call (732) 281-2750 for information about the 6-week yoga series that runs continuously all year.  Please call to get the scheduled start dates.


Yoga teachers do their best to create a pleasant mood and sometimes-aromatic yoga class experience. At Jake’s Branch Park Observation Deck the great outdoors is the real thing.  The natural surroundings linking yoga with it’s natural source.  

Yoga outside on the deck can intensify the yoga experience in many ways, since nature inspires all the things you try to get with yoga—focusing on awareness, deep breathing and even practicing stillness. You first, have to get thinking more in terms of embracing rather than attacking the elements. It can help to remind us that a breeze can deepen your breathing, the warm sun can deepen poses by making muscles more pliable, and a lightning bug can invite you to focus on something small.

One of the aspects of yoga is about being in the moment and at one with nature or the universe. Outdoors offers another level to focus on smell and nature, such as the pine and grass. You start to smell the outdoors, it's as if nature wants us to be present and breathe deeply.


The deck is hardwood.   Please bring your mat and water for hydrating.