What I love about the Center for Health and Healing is the super-friendly staff and peaceful atmosphere. Rest assured if you come to take a class or get a massage, you’ll leave with a new friend. It’s very easy to feel right at home here. And then you will want to return often.
Erika, Waitress, Age 25
The Center is like an Oasis of Peace and Serenity in midst of the congestions of stress in NJ. The teachers are extremely friendly, warm, and welcoming, accommodating individual needs, thus offering us the space to come into our centers, finding balance and peace.
Manuela, Library Employee, Artist, Singer Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Age 34
I found the Center for Health and Healing through a friend of my sister’s and it was no coincidence ~ because not only did I find a wonderful yoga studio, but a yoga teachers training program. The center is a new or veteran yogi’s dream. They offer a wide variety of classes with experienced, knowledgeable teachers. Yoga props are available for everyone to take advantage of in a large room filled with positive energy. Candles and incense help center the mind and body for your yoga experience. The experience easily becomes a yoga practice, a life long gift to yourself.
Diane, Business owner, Age 54
I have found the center a wonderful, tranquil atmosphere. You feel as soon as you come in relaxed, and you always feel better after you’ve been there. The massage therapists here give the best massages I’ve ever had. The yoga teachers are not only very knowledgeable but also very caring. They care about people, and are always striving to provide the classes and services suggested by their customers. Always trying to do everything in the best way for their clients is the norm here.
Billie, Receptionist, Age 58
Om! Dawn, Congratulations! Your web-site is beautiful, and portends of great things to come!The photography is stunning! The information is clear and easy to access! Great Job! Good Luck!
Carolyn, Yoga Teacher, Artist, Teacher, Anthropologist, Age 34
I’m soooo happy for you, Dawn! We need more places like this where we can all connect with that peaceful place inside each and every one of us. Blessings, light and love to you and your staff. :-)
Mary, Fitness instructor, Reiki Therapist, Massage Therapist, Age 25
I hope the natural blossom of this moment is dazzling the senses, inside & out, revealing the fragrant colors as they live and die endlessly constantly. Sending Highest Happiness to all & Infinite blessings, Dawn, on your beautiful journey. Om Shanti
Trish, Yoga Teacher, Age 30
Dawn, I’ve known you for several years and have only positive things to say about you. Your compassion and willingness to help and heal people through your massage and Yoga is amazing. I am so happy that your dream has finally come true and I’m also happy to be a part of it. Namaste’
Valerie, RN, Massage Therapist, Mother, Age 29
Dawn, Best of luck to you and your Staff. Your web site is terrific and only the beginning. The opportunities you’re presenting to the community are a gift and one we can all benefit from. Namasté
Ceil, Teacher, Age 52
Hi Dawn, your center is absolutely beautiful. You and your staff are always friendly and compassionate. I always leave the center feeling like I have done something good for myself and my well being whether it be a great yoga class or a healing, relaxing massage. Thank you for all you do and I wish you the best of luck.
Pat, Yoga Teacher, Patient Care Tech, Age 60
I want to thank Dawn for opening the Center for Health and Healing. For years I have gone to a gym to take yoga classes, always wishing for more classes to be taught with times more conducive to my schedule. At the Center, I have taken wonderful yoga classes with compassionate, knowledgeable, instructors. Each instructor has continuously challenged me. I always leave thankful for a sense of balance and feeling of peace.
Christine, Teacher, Age 29
I have taken your yoga for years. So glad that we will even more – in classes with you! You are the best teacher I have found. Very calming and the your instructions for poses are terrific.
Anita, Housewife, Age 37
Mom, you’re wonderful and your studio represents all that you are very well: peaceful, sunny, comfortable, and inviting. I am very, very proud of you. And I’m still sore from the last class I took with you. I love you. Love, Justine
Justine, RN, Age 27 (Dawn's daughter)
I just want to thank u for opening up such a great studio in our Toms River. I took a great yoga class today then had a great massage right after class. The place was so inviting and everyone was so friendly. I WILL BE BACK…
Jessica, General Manager, Age 29
I just took several of your gentle & beginner classes this week. I was so comfortable there and I am impressed with how much better mentally and physically I felt all week. Thanks for opening the Center. I will be a regular.
John, Business Owner, Age 40
Dawn, Just wanted to let you now how much I am enjoying your Center. I had been without a yoga teacher for about a month prior to finding the Center. I am so glad my yoga journey led me to your door!
Mary Lou, Sales, Age 47
Dawn and her staff have created an environment which has helped me quiet my mind and to become more flexible physically and personally.
Denise, Paralegal, Age 50
Dawn, Your Center has been a place where I can totally “de-stress” and
again re-center myself. Thanks.
Lucy, Jewelry Designer, Age 50