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To me yoga is all about relationships. #1 Your relationship with yourself. How do you do self talk? Do you use the same care with yourself as you do with others? Or are you harsh with yourself?

#2 Your relationship with other people. Are you kind, patient, snappy, or curt with others around you?

#3 Your relationship with the earth. Do you recycle or think about items as or before you purchase them. Are the good for the planet as in biodegratable. or is it a plastic bag or straw that will be around for hundreds of years?

#4 Your relationship with your yoga mat. Do you work your stuff out on your mat? Do you punish your self on your mat when your body doesn't do what you want it to? Do you do all types of yoga or just one type of yoga?

# Your relatioship with money. Do you believ in prosperoty or scariety?

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