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I love beginners

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

I love to help new yogies on their yoga journey. Yoga has and continues to help me in every way of my life, from stress management to dealing with difficult people, to my changing aging body, and to creating more peace in my mind.

I get so much enjoyment in helping people new to yoga. I often think of our yoga studio like Cheers the tv show- where everybody knows your name. We welcome all walks of life at the studio. Its truly a judgement free zone. I love to help student rediscover themselves thur their yoga practice. I welcome all body shapes and sizes, to my yoga classes. I encourage them to work at their own pace. I see them make friends with other like minded people at the studio. I feel blessed to provide a positive kind environment.

It is still rewarding to see peoples faces light up with joy after a yoga class.

Here are some of the things i would tell a beginner are-

Leave expectations at home

Don't compare your self to your neighbor

Make a commitment to your practice, once or twice a week

Its self care

Ask the instructor for any help

Its yoga practice not yoga perfect

You always feel better after every class

Honor and respect your body

Its all about the breath

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