The teacher training program was life changing for me. My whole outlook on life has become more positive. I feel truly blessed to have gone through the program at the Center for Health and Healing. My teacher, Dawn, is extremely knowledgeable in the physical as well as the mental aspects of everything yoga is and what it represents. I will definitely continue with my 500 hour certification as soon as they offer it at the center. Namaste.
Jody Maffei , Bricktown, NJ
Here is what I have to say about the summer yoga teacher training program of 2011: I really don’t believe we could have asked for a better teacher than you and all the other ones we had. The program taught me discipline, responsibility, love, compassion, and gave me higher self esteem. It allowed me to open up my mind and heart. I feel that it changed my life. I now have the tools I need to learn how to live a better, more meaningful life and also to help others which is really the most important thing. Everything we were required to do from the papers to the reading to the exercises to the teaching formed us into more confident, strong, and loving individuals. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to work with you, the other teachers, and my classmates. We will always be an important part of each others lives and the lessons we learned will never be forgotten. I can’t enough express how grateful I am. All our lives have truly been changed for the better and this program was a superb way of doing this. Thank you.
Natalie Priessnitz, 2011 summer program
I am extremely grateful to the Center (and Dawn) for the opportunity to earn my 200-hour teacher training certificate. Not only has the teacher training allowed me to deepen my yoga practice and study, it became a process in self-study and spiritual journey. I feel as though yoga is a gift given to me and the teacher training has allowed me the return that gift to others.
Kelly, Toms River, NJ
I loved everything about the Teacher Training Program. I learnt so much about yoga, myself, others, and the Universe. It helped to guide me in finding my inner strength to get through life’s challenges. I look at the world in a whole new way and find a gift in each day.
Karen , Bricktown, NJ
The TT program is a journey. Not only did I learn how to teach yoga, but I learned how to live yoga – how to integrate the practice and philosophy of yoga into my every day life. Dawn opened her heart and shared her experiences to provide me with a foundation of yoga and a realistic view of what it is to be a yoga teacher. Dawn guided me to find my own yogic path and yoga style. Dawn provided me with an opportunity to meet and learn with different instructors and introduced me to the yoga community. The TT program allowed me to be creative and explore the options available in the world of yoga. Thanks!
Rachel, Saddlebrook
I wasn’t sure what to expect when I began the teacher training program. Well the training program was great – providing a foundation in the history of yoga, yogic philosophy, anatomy and of course, lots of asana practice. All of these things have enriched my own practice and I’m very grateful for that. The practice teaching, creating a variety of yoga lesson plans, learning Sanskrit names for seventy-five postures, are the tools that I need to begin teaching. Nothing can replace experience which will only come with teaching many classes but the practical experience in the program has given me the confidence to start teaching. I loved all the guest teachers- I was challenged by Christopheray, inspired by Rosemary, and just so fortunate to have all the other teachers too- Carolyn, Stephanie, Kelly, Dave,Jeff- all just created such a balanced program. The trip to Kripalu and seeing Krishna Das couldn’t have been any better. Dawn you’ve put together an excellent program and I really appreciate all the planning and hard work you put into it. One other thought too- I’ve really enjoyed all my classmates. This was an experience that will remain one of the most memorable of my life!!!! Much Thanks.
Pally Allen, Ocean Gate, NJ
The 200 hour teacher training program at the Center for Health and Healing has been a truly transformative journey for me. My life has been inriched on every level, from the physical, to the mental and the spirtual. Participating in the teacher training program was the best choice I have made so far on my spirtual journey because not only has it brought me knowledge and inner growth but it has also brought me into a wonderful, helpful, fun and loving yoga community that will continue enriching my life and supporting my practice long after graduation. I thank my inspirational and compassionate teacher Dawn Keen for allowing me this pricless opportunity. Namaste.
Lauren Nagy, Bricktown, NJ
The 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program at the Center for Health and Healing was a positive and life-changing experience. The information that I learned about the yogic lifestyle has changed my life for the better. I came into the program wanting to learn more about the yoga poses to deepen my own personal practice and left with a myriad of knowledge on how to deepen my own personal self- to find peace and stillness in this fast paced world. I learned to surrender and go with the flow of life, to listen to my body and my own inner voice. I learned how to work towards a better “self” through conscious and positive thinking, proper nutrition and proper exercises. I have a new appreciation for breath and meditation. Not only was I able to deepen my personal practice through poses but I was introduced to the beginnings of a new perception of life- a pathway towards true happiness. Dawn Keen, the director of the program is so passionate about what she teaches that it is contagious. She is your number one fan and helps you to discover the teacher you have within you in with gentle but motivated methods. Dawn also invites a handful of knowledgeable and passionate guest teachers to help reiterate the material. You leave the program with a wealth of knowledge that you not only understand but can also instill to others. I am so thankful and blessed that my path led me to this program. I would highly recommend this experience for anyone looking to further their own yoga practice.
Stacy, 2011 summer program
I must say that I had a unique experience in your yoga program.  I was the only guy and felt like the only guy in the beginning. However, as days flew by during the program I felt less like the only guy and more like an integral part of a yogi family.  The program introduced me to fantastic people who gave off lots of positive energy and I just soaked it up!  Thanks again for the wonderful experience.  It has opened new doors to me well beyond being a yoga instructor.
Lonnie, Toms River, NJ
The Yoga Teacher Training at The Center for Health and Healing brought me to new depths in my own yoga practice and also prepared me as a new teacher. This program and the atmosphere of The Center helped me to find and continue along my yoga journey, and I am forever grateful.
Jill Karatz

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