Our Yoga Instructors

Dawn Keen
Dawn KeenYoga Instructor
Dawn did not intend to become a yoga teacher; but felt the need to follow the sweet calling of yoga. She is the lead instructor, founder, managing director and handles our off-site corporate & school based chair and various yoga classes.
Dawn has taught in excess of 5000 plus yoga classes, as it is her full time commitment. Her practice gave her so much, that she felt the need to share and teach her passion of yoga with others. Yoga inspired her to evolve on and off of her mat; It became integrated into all areas of her life. She feels ~Yoga is a journey; there is no destination only exploration.

She is a RN, Massage Therapist and a certified Yoga instructor/therapist. She completed her 200 hour certification at The Freehold Yoga Center in 2005, her Prenatal Certication at Yoga Works in 2007, her 500 hour certication at Dharma Mittra Yoga in 2008 and her Yoga Therapists at International Association of Yoga Therapists in 2011. She feels they all share a common thread: healing.

She is a teacher known for her humor, inspiration and compassionate approach to teaching who honors yoga as a practice of transformation and healing. She considers it a great privilege to be able to help guide others on their own paths to healing and self awareness.

Dawn, like all good teachers, is also an avid student, always expanding and evolving her own practice.

Abby Cornero
Abby CorneroYoga Instructor
Abby always had a passion for fitness and leading an active lifestyle. She originally had the idea to become a personal trainer, but lifting weights and running for miles on end was draining.
Her first encounters with yoga were through a P90x fitness DVD and a few classes at her college. Then she heard about the yoga teacher training at the Center for Health and Healing and decided to take the 2-month summer intensive training in order to achieve her 200RYT.

To say it transformed her is an understatement; she went from spending hours in the gym to just spending quality time on her yoga mat.

Yoga enabled her to become more flexible, peaceful, and loving. It became her go-to form of exercise. To be able to give the gift of yoga to her students is her greatest joy, for she understands just how transformative, influential, and healing it can be in a person’s life.
She teaches a wide range of classes which includes, but is not limited to: Gentle, Slow Flow, Vinyasa, and Hot. Her passion for physiology and nutrition is self-evident in her classes: you can expect a lot of hands-on adjustments and verbal cues so that your body truly feels the benefits of each pose. She is in the process of getting her 500 hundred hour yoga certification.
At the end of her classes when it’s time for savasana, she sings and plays guitar and ukulele for a truly relaxing experience. She loves yoga, and she knows you will too.

Melissa Jill
Melissa JillYoga Instructor
Melissa Jill, International Yoga Teacher & Presenter, CEO and Founder of “Alive With Melissa”, which features yoga and meditation online, has been a trailblazer in the field of health and wellness for twenty plus years.
Along her journey teaching health, fitness, empowerment and self love, Melissa was enlightened to the fact that wellness is an inside job and must be attained with care for the whole self; body, mind and spirit.

Guiding beautiful souls to release, let go, self nurture and heal through yoga is her passion.
Melissa received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training through The American Yoga Academy and is recognized as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, E-RYT with the Yoga Alliance, and has been teaching yoga since 2001. Melissa’s teaching style is meditative and nurturing. Her focus is on healing, empowerment and love.
Sessions with Melissa are powerful and life changing as she will guide you on your path, honoring your heart, following your dreams, fulfilling your purpose and living the life that makes your soul happy!

Dena McCaffery
Dena McCafferyYoga Instructor
Dena McCafferty began her career in fitness in the 90’s with personal training. She herself started doing yoga then because she realized the benefits it had as the perfect compliment to weight lifting.
She enjoyed the trill of not only motivating clients while in class, but also encouraging then to improve their wellness outside of the gym. Dena is know for being driven, passionate and an avid supporter of her athletes.
In addition to her fitness career, Dena is also a realtor, a talented chef and an animal lover. She enjoys spending her free time finding client’s theirs dream homes and throwing dinner parties for her foodie friends and family.

When asked why she chose to learn the art of Yoga, Dena states, “I am passionate about helping people to reach their fitness/wellness goals. Yoga has enabled me to not only understand the physical practice but also experience how the combination of meditation and relaxation can allow individual’s to reach their optimum health.”

Jen Barnes
Jen BarnesYoga Instructor
Jen is known for her innovative and mindful approach to movement and yoga. Acknowledging the body as the teacher. She is still enjoying her yoga, she is still falling in love with the practice.
She obtained her Hatha flow 200 hour RYT certification from The Center For Health and Healing. She has had the opportunity to experienced many influential mentors, leaving her with a solid foundation and a healthy understanding. Your own personal practice is your journey.

Yoga is for everyone, as you relieve stress, it helps create peace and balance and increasing awareness of where you are in this moment. It helps not only strengthen and tone muscles and vital organs, it increases and sharpens focus and lung capacity. Using the breath, opening your heart, trusting yourself, you find balance as you are constantly evolving. With the practice you learn, everyday to listen to your own truths, and accept changes that may affect your life. The practice is yours to enjoy, with no competition, as we learn to be present on our mat, and take that into our daily lives.

She feels yoga is a practice of acceptance, patience, and compassion (for yourself and others). Her yoga classes facilitate the unfolding of the body, mind, and heart of her students into the beauty of wholeness.

Suzie Haugen
Suzie HaugenYoga Instructor
Suzie enjoys spending time with her family and being outside as much as possible. She loves the peace, confidence and overall sense of well being in body, mind and spirit that yoga has given her.
She feels that yoga has been an exciting and educational path along which she has been blessed to meet many truly wonderful people from all over the world. She is grateful for her continued opportunities and personal growth, and hopes to share her experiences and knowledge with her students in order to help them find comfort and strength as they heal and grow. She is a loving mother to four beautiful daughters, fitness therapy instructor for special populations for over 10 years now, a volleyball coach grades for girls 4-12 also for over 10 years now.

She loves nature & animals particularly the Catskill mountains where she frequents with her family. She is a good hearted and good humored person with a strong belief in loving kindness and patience.

A yoga teacher 200 hours (Yoga Alliance) Dawn Keen Center for Health and Healing. In her practice she tends to favors detoxifying twists, tension releasing hip openers and meditative Pranayama her understanding of the benefits of yoga is clear. Yoga is the ultimate self healer.

She has found that yoga has made her feel better mentally and physically than any other type of activity and is eager to share her love of the practice with others. Suzie is excited to teach the joy, balance and peace that can be brought to any life though yoga and believes that yoga is for everybody and can fit into different lifestyles in small or large ways. She is eager to share her teaching and practice with all.

Adrienne Haberl
Adrienne HaberlYoga Instructor
Adrienne began her practice casually at home over ten years ago but really started developing her passion for yoga and its benefits only recently. It didn’t take long for her to realize that she would teach and hope to give this practice to others.
She completed her 200 hr training with Bodhi Movement. As a former, trained ballerina in NYC, asana came naturally.. yet the mindfulness, the clarity, the spiritual element, and the healing benefits were a new realm to explore and that is what got her hooked.
She is a part time traveling tattoo artist and having a steady yoga practice has become the perfect balance and grounding element in her life.
She now teaches yoga in hopes to offer peace of mind in a hectic world. She carries influences of meditation, Buddhist philosophy and Taoism to her practice and offerings. She understands that the power of movement, meditation and mindfulness is important in changing ones life and seeks to offer that to all.
AvitaYoga Instructor
Avita began practicing yoga in 2003. She instantly connected with yoga and felt the need to share this gift with others. In 2007, she earned her 200 hour yoga certification at the Center of Health and Healing.
Yoga was one instrument in transforming Avita’s life. Through practicing, she found healing, self acceptance, and a deeper connection with a Higher Power and others. Through teaching, she hopes to return what was given to her by inspiring teachers. In Avita’s Vinyasa style classes, students are encouraged to practice compassion and gratitude while building strength and increasing flexibility.

Avita is also a middle school educator in Asbury Park, NJ where she also teaches yoga classes after school. She feels blessed to bring yoga to her adolescent students at such a transformative time in their lives.

Avita is eager to learn and continually expands her personal yoga practice. She is honored to share what she learns with others so they can also experience yoga bliss.

Linda H
Linda HYoga Instructor
My introduction to yoga was by taking beginner series with a friend. I have some physical limitations and was unsure if the physical practice would be a good fit.
Yoga is more then just asana for me- it is a practice of acceptance, reflection, and gives me time reconnect with myself on and off the mat. I decided to attend a 200 hour teacher training because I wanted to learn mara bout the history of the practice, how it has evolved and its spirituality.
As an Artist and Art Educator I was hoping to be able to intertwine my practice and my art. My mission as an instructor is to encourage others to reach their personal potential, become more interconnected to others as well as themselves, to be more aware of the present moment and take that off the mat into daily living. Our purpose as human beings is sometimes lost in our day to day activities, by coming to our mat and giving ourselves time for self care can help us stay grounded .

I completed my 200 hour training in June, A 30 hour children’s yoga training in May. I have taught a six week after school children program incorporating art , games and movement into the class.
My first experience in Adult yoga classes will be here at the Center for Health and Healing.

May we live our lives with kindness, peace and love.

Elisa Waller
Elisa WallerYoga Instructor
Raised by a dad focused on healthy, organic fresh foods it seems only natural that I would find serenity in maintaning an active life.
I adore being a mom and sharing the yoga with with my children. As an life long art teacher I haven taken comfort in the opportunity to support students in preserving their uniquenss and as a yoga teacher I have found the same blessing. My classes are a combination of meditation, growth in the physical, pranayama, mudras and connecting inner spirit to the creative artistic beings we were born to be. namaste’
Jan Cornero
Jan CorneroYoga Instructor
Jan began her career as an Artist & Art Teacher. She became a Yoga Instructor after being inspired by the overall health benefits Yoga provides.
Her personal goal was & is to achieve strength & balance in her own Yoga practice.
Jan is a Yoga Alliance 200hour registered Yoga Teacher, having completed her Hatha Flow Teacher Training at The Center for Health and Healing.
Jan’s classes focus on breath work and building whole body strength- the result of which is a positive physical, mental, and spiritual body. Jan feels blessed to be able to share the beautiful gift of Yoga with her students.
Pam McKnight
Pam McKnightYoga Instructor
Fitness has always been a huge part of Pam’s life. She discovered yoga in 2004 when a close friend became a yoga instructor. Discovering the bliss both physically and emotionally after every yoga class, she decided to take her interest in yoga to the next level.
Pam completed her RYT 200 hour teacher certification at The Center for Health and Healing with Dawn Keen in 2014, in hopes that she could share the gift of yoga with others through teaching. Yoga has made a major impact on her life and she believes everyone can benefit from the healing powers of yoga.

Pam’s yoga practice has provided the avenue for an inner journey of self discovery, a new confidence, and compassion for herself and others. To her, “Yoga is like medicine”.

Alexis Robinson
Alexis RobinsonYoga Instructor
Alexis discovered yoga over twelve years ago and has been hooked ever since. After a ten year long search for the perfect program, she finally found her home and yoga family at the Center for Health and Healing, where she earned her 200 hour RYT training in April of 2014 with Dawn Keen and nine other beautiful yoginis.
Alexis’ personal journey with yoga began with some close friends in a small home studio with a talented teacher and her only goal was to find a new way to exercise and relax. As her practice grew, she began to recognize an inner calm, ability to cope better with the stresses of life and incredible sense of emotional and physical gain so personally enlightening, yet also socially effective.

With patience, time and compassion toward herself, she realized that every win on the mat extended tremendously into her self and outward into her relationships. She began to realize a connection between the benefits of yoga practice and an increase in quality of life, and felt a deep desire to share yoga with others and show the world how strong and present one could feel inside and out. Every class, every asana, even every intention is a tiny move in a positive direction, improving our lives and even the lives of those around us. Positivity is contagious.

Approaching life and teaching yoga with humility, gratitude and humor, Alexis hopes to bring physical, mental and emotional growth, healing and peace to her students. Alexis believes everyone can benefit from the practices of yoga and meditation and strives to bring a compassionate approach to teaching and living yoga both on and off the mat.
Even as teachers we are forever students. Alexis is grateful every day for her teachers and students and for the opportunity to touch others with the gift of yoga, and welcomes all students of all levels to her classes.

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” –The Buddha.

Tova Beer
Tova BeerYoga Instructor
Tova began her Yoga journey back in 2009. At the time she was going through a rough patch and discovered that Yoga not only helped her cope with her struggles, but also opened her eyes to a new positive perspective on life!
She started her practice with Bikram Yoga (hot yoga) and over time branched out to other styles as well. She is currently a wife and mother to a beautiful little girl, and dedicates the rest of her time to teaching yoga and it’s benefits to her students.

Tova really strives to teach her students how to connect their breath to their asanas, making it a moving meditation. She believes that everyone can benefit from a yoga practice and is enthusiastic about sharing this gift with others.

Erica Rodriguez
Erica RodriguezYoga Instructor
My appreciation for the concept of wholeness is endless. Through my studies as a Psychotherapist, Certified Natural Gourmet Chef and Yoga Instructor, I have had the opportunity to work and learn about human beings and the diversities surrounding the elements that collaboratively provide wholeness through the practice of wellness for the human individual.
The philosophy of my yoga practice is to bring people into their own beautiful movement capabilities and personal growth. My passion is to uplift, inspire and nurture the practice of others at any level.
Beth Golden
Beth GoldenYoga Instructor
Beth holds a Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from Columbia University and a Yoga Alliance 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from the Center for Health and Healing.
She combines 19 years of clinical experience in working with children and adults of all abilities with a passion for yoga and an understanding of therapeutic exercise, anatomy, and human development. Beth originally came to yoga as means to deal with a training injury, and stayed for the emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being it provided. She strives to bring that sense of peace and healing to others through her teaching.

Beth believes yoga is for everybody and Every Body. Her teaching style is peaceful and informative, with a touch of laughter. When you leave her class, she hopes it is with lightness in heart and spirit, and strengthen in body and soul.

Beth feels blessed to be part of the extraordinary yoga community.

“Inhale Love, Exhale Gratitude”

Coming SoonYoga Instructor
Brenda Zaimes
Brenda ZaimesYoga Instructor
Brenda is a registered nurse with over 30 years of critical care experience who currently works in the operating room. She had practiced yoga intermittently for many, many years and wanted to be a yoga teacher but life was too hectic.

Finally, the pieces all came together and she was able to obtain her 200-hour teaching certification here at Center for Health and Healing. She believes that a yoga practice is possible for everyone and is inspired to make it more accessible and understandable to anyone who wishes to have more balance in his or her life.

Brenda, forever a student herself, is fascinated with yoga philosophy and is eager to delve deeper. She loves to teach with an emphasis on alignment and proper form to build strength and improve balance. She is grateful to be able to share her passion for health and well being through yoga and hopes to encourage others on their path to better health and improved well being.

John Hahn/Maffie
John Hahn/MaffieYoga Instructor
Jody had been practicing yoga for a few years at home until she found The Center for Health & Healing, which allowed her to bring her yoga practice to the next level.
After experiencing the numerous positive benefits yoga on and off the mat. She experienced no back pain thur yoga. She was inspired to attain her yoga teacher certification. As a RN in oncology, physical and mental health has always been an important part of Jody’s life. Discovering yoga has completed her physical and emotional well-being.

Jody’s class always has laughter infused into them. She feels everyone needs the balance yoga brings to life.

Jody received her 200 RYT Certification with Dawn Keen at The Center for Health and Healing. It was a life changing journey filled with knowledge for the mind, body, and spirit. She is humbled and grateful for the opportunity to give the gift of yoga too others, and blessed to be able to share her passion of yoga with students of all levels.

Coming Soon!Yoga Instructor
Meg Lil
Meg LilYoga Instructor
Meghan, started yoga about 7 years ago to strengthen her balance.
Before yoga I was constantly rolling my ankles out while running, I also had an imbalance in muscles in my thigh so my patella would move out of place. I sought help through physical therapy and trainers at school from high school through college.
Some even say I belong in a bubble because my body type was not meant for the high impact sport of running so I was prone to injury. After college I moved back to New Jersey and started practicing yoga. I started off running slow low mileage and building up strength and balance through yoga. Soon enough I was back to my five mile runs and I felt great. I am not saying that Yoga will heal everyone’s injury but for me it did.

It was not until a year later that I was able to spend enough time at the studio and gain more in depth knowledge of yoga. I stopped performing research at Rutgers University in Newark, instead I worked closer to home and volunteered six hours of my time at the yoga studios front desk.
I got to take as many classes as my body would let me. I love the inversions, the positive attitudes of the yoga teachers, everyone actually being nice to each other. Most of all I loved the Savasana at the end of the class. The meditative aspect, the calming of the mind was so healing that I was actually able to handle stress more efficiently.
It didn’t surprise me when I found out that many more people practice Yoga after September 11 rather then visit their religious holy places. Although Yoga is open to everyone, everywhere, at all ages and sizes.

This positive influence made me believe that I wanted even more knowledge about Yoga.
I took my 200 hours at the Center for Health and Healing graduating in 2014. I enjoy teaching chair yoga at the local nursing home, along with hot , and Vinyasa classes.

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