Absolute Beginner

Learn step by step the basics of yoga, focuses on the essentials of a yoga. Activity level is mild and perfect for beginners. Purchase a 10 card and attend any beginning or gentle class or pay as you go - $14 per drop-in class.


Beginner YogaThis class for those brand new to Yoga. It is a great place to start. You will receive detailed clear instructions on alignment, posture at a moderate pace. In this class, your body will calmly begin to open up as your flexibility increases. Awareness is paid to posture and alignment. Stretch, tone and relax.

Free Yoga

This class is our offering to the community; Our KARMA / selfless service. This is a moderate paced class – FREE for students to take and FREE for the teacher to teach.

We ask that you bring a non perishable protein food item that we bring to the local food bank. It is our way to give back to our community.

Visit our workshops page for the next free yoga dates.

Gentle Yoga

125-gentle-iconsThis class uses a unhurried approach at a slow easy pace.It will focus on self-awareness and breath awareness through gentle movements. It is for students who need a gradual approach to Yoga. Good for seniors and beginners of all ages.

Hip Opener

There are so many reasons to do hip opening poses: Supple hips can ease back pain, give you a more agile gait, and even improve circulation in your legs. The class is designed to open and soften the areas around the hips, to move your ball-and-socket hip joint through its full range of motion. When you do it regularly, you may see improvement in the rest of your practice.

Hot 26

This is a 1-1/2 hour class, with 26 poses done twice. This class is taught in a room with the temperature at 105 degrees. It is a dynamic system of postures that will allow you to safely push your body to its edge, and rest in stillness in between the postures. A strong practice that is beginner friendly. Bring water bottle, 1 hand towel, and 1 large towel

Hot Hour

This class in taught in a room of 105 degrees. Each of the 26 poses are done one time. It is a dynamic system of postures that will allow you to safely push your body to its edge, and rest in stillness in between the postures. A strong practices that is beginner friendly.

Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga is the original hot hatha yoga. It is a specific sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, all of which are executed twice. Bikram is designed to be a moving meditation where no music is played to enhance a deeper connection to the mind and body. That of this strict discipline is only to better maximize the benefits of the practice. There is a focus on alignment and form rather than depth where the postures move slowly in stages in order to get the intended benefit out of each. The series is incredibly healing and beneficial to all persons including those with injuries. Each posture creates a tourniquet effect to particular area in the body immediately followed by stillness to encourage the heated and oxygenated blood to rush to the area beginning the healing process. Every muscle, tendon, organ and system will be rejuvenated through this approach. Through this practice you will sweat and detox, build strength and flexibility, connect and improve all aspects of the mind and body, “inside and out bones to skin”.

Meditation & Breathing

do more yoga!This class is a way to learn and refine your meditation skills, and learn to use the breath to calm the mind and body. Guided and un-guided group meditation. Use this time as a retreat for yourself, for self realization and contemplation. Learn how to quiet the mind, help awaken and deepen your spirituality and develop greater focus and concentration. Find the wisdom which lies within you, your inner stillness. Everyone is Welcome.


This is a mid-level class between Gentle & Intermediate classes. There are lots of standing poses ~ working on strength and flow.

Private Yoga

This can be a 1 hour or 1 ½ hour class, depending on your wishes and schedule. You will receive personalized attention and instruction. Postures are find-tuned and refined in this one-on-one class. Designed to help you move into a new, deeper level of Yogic awareness.

Restorative Yoga

This class is a gentle, meditative practice using lots of yoga props, to fully support the body so that students can deeply relax, revitalize and restore. The complete relaxation response allows for the release of deeply held tensions while strengthening the immune system.

This class encourages a state of being rather than doing, therefore beneficial for all yoga students needing a more gentle yoga experience, students healing from injury, those looking to balance an active practice and lifestyle.

Fantastic for anyone wishing to experience a sense of well being and rejuvenation resulting from deep rest and relaxation. You will leave feeling refreshed and ready for a good night’s sleep. No yoga experience required.

Slow Flow

This class slows down the pace of a regular vinyasa-style yoga class. Sun Salutations are performed slowly, with conscious awareness to detail. In this mindful yoga practice, you will release tightness and gain strength in a nurturing environment.


This is a faster fun paced class. It is composed of a series of Warrior poses and sun salutations along with some inversions strung together to create heat and energy flow. The poses are linked together gracefully into semi-power sequences, resulting in a dance-like flow.